Sage Analytics Featured in Terpenes and Testing Magazine

Sage Anayltics’s in-house cannabis potency testers the Beacon and the Profiler test the CBD and THC content in cannabis flowers in seconds, giving cannabis labs, dispensaries and growers the ability to have lab grade potency details for their products.

Sage Analytics was founded on the idea of bringing these tried and true principles of quality control and analytical testing into the cannabis industry. Leveraging 17 years of experience in design, customization, and automation of analytical testing for highly regulated FDA manufacturing environments with our parent company Prozess Technologie, we created the Sage Beacon and Luminary for accurate and precise in-house potency analysis. To this end, we were able to pre-program the chemometric techniques we supply to household pharmaceutical brands for cannabis flower and extract, packing the science inside our plug- and-play touchscreen interface devices. Thus, you receive testing within seconds with no cost and downtime in production.

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Terpenes & Testing article - Beacon

Terpenes & Testing article - Beacon

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