Simplified Solutions for Real-Time Potency Profiling


The Profiler II (HSE) is built for the everyday potency testing needs of cannabis growers and extract processors alike. It allows you to easily measure the THC, CBD of your product within seconds, all without destroying the sample. The go-anywhere device boasts a rugged and stylish new design and our most up-to-date scientific data models, all at an affordable price.

Profiler 2 Everyday Potency Testing
ToxDetective - Portable Testing Device

The fastest, most cost effective, portable field testing device that answers the question; Is your cannabis contaminated with pesticides, insecticides, or fungicides?

The ToxDetective field test utilizes lateral flow assay technology that detects the most common hazardous pesticides, insecticides and fungicides. The testing process is simple and the results are easy to interpret.


A stylish, desktop unit with an integrated touchscreen makes the Beacon perfect for those with limited space or as a great point of sale companion inside dispensary environments.
Lightweight, portable and user-friendly, the Beacon offers real-time, D.I.Y., laboratory grade potency data to any sector within the cannabis ecosystem. Now you can get highly accurate, repeatable results in a flash, at a fraction of the cost.

Beacon Real-Time Potency Profiling
CannaMetric Profile Labels

Instantly print out a CannaMetric™ Profile label with potency information for products intended for sale or consumption.

The Beacon and Luminary Profiler both come with a label printer, printer cable and roll of CannaMetric Profile labels so you can easily print results and label your products accordingly. Much like knowing alcohol proof or the correct dosage of prescription medication, the Cannametric™ Profile, now gives cannabis patients the same type of "dosage" information.