Our Service Promise

Promise_comp_2“I don’t want to believe, I want to know.”
~Carl Sagan

At Sage Analytics, we believe in bringing science to you. That’s why we design tools that everyone, regardless of education or skill level, can use to measure the potency of their cannabis products. Everyday, cultivators, manufacturers and patients of cannabis dispensaries, are making decisions, yet many must make these decisions without having access to analytical data describing their processes and products. We believe that anyone, anywhere, should have the power to acquire real-time, lab-grade potency data, putting science in everyone’s hands.

Our scientists have over 20 years of experience in developing multivariate calibration models to instantly and nondestructively quantify diverse analytes, such as the acid and neutral forms of the main two active product ingredients in cannabis – THC and CBD. Just like labs calibrate their instruments to synthetically produce cannabinoid standards, our calibration data models are based off of real-world, commercially available cannabis products.

As new products come to market, we can easily add these into our existing data models, or design supplementary models around the novel product. We’ve diligently evaluated labs in several states and countries to ensure we are partnering with like-minded scientists, dedicated to providing unbiased, realistic and accurate potency data. Users of our technology can rest assured that they have evaluated their products throughout the entire manufacturing process, ensuring peace-of-mind when it comes to appropriate quality control measures.

The cannabis industry is swiftly evolving, whether it be with new regulations and testing requirements, or with artisans trying to hone their craft, and design unique products that differentiate themselves from the competition. Regardless of how the industry evolves, we can help.

Study. Know. Understand.