The Profiler and ToxDetective devices benefit everyone in the cannabis supply chain.

  • Cannabis Growers


    At the beginning of the cannabis supply chain, growers have an ever increasing need to cultivate quality, pesticide-free crops. As potency can vastly change from plant to plant, the Profiler gives growers the ability to monitor how nutrient changes affect potency while ensuring quality control at the same time. This helps growers determine optimal harvest times.

    "I like being able to test any plant; without having to pay a lab. I get quick potency results, and it gives me knowledge and leverage to use with my buyers. I'm now able to get more for my crops because I can prove the potency."
    ~Grower, Mendocino County, CA

  • Cannabis Extract Vial

    Extract Producers

    As manufacturing continues to improve and mature in the cannabis industry, extract producers are looking for ways to ensure product quality and increase overall productivity of their production processes. With the Profiler and ToxDetective, they can measure and test their products in real-time during the manufacturing process. This enables them to modify their batches while avoiding wasted time, product and money.

    "As a producer, we need to know the exact potency of our product during our process. With the Profiler, we get real-time information on-site that we need to make critical decisions. This gives us confidence in the product we're offering along with saving money on outside testing."
    ~Extract Company Owner, Washington

  • Potency Testing Laboratory


    With potency testing on the rise as legalization of cannabis spreads, even laboratories are turning to the Beacon and Profiler to help them keep up with demand. By using our fast and accurate measurement devices, labs save money and time. What used to take them three weeks to measure samples can now be accomplished in three days with the Beacon or Profiler.

    "We use the Profiler to augment our other testing protocols, which has increased our overall productivity. It requires no special training or chemicals, so it can be operated by virtually anyone on our staff."
    ~Chief Scientist, prominent testing facility, Seattle, WA

  • Cannabis Dispensaries


    As many new cannabis products come on the market, dispensaries need to know what they are buying to better negotiate pricing and ensure quality to consumers. With the Beacon and ToxDetective, dispensaries are equipped with accurate, real-time potency and toxicity information to inspire confidence and help in suggesting specific cannabinoid levels.

    "The Beacon has allowed me to set my business apart from the competition because I go the extra mile to provide my customers with accurate information about what they are buying from me."
    ~Dispensary Owner, Sacramento, CA