Afraid of the Impending Testing delay in California? Let Sage Analytics Help.

Recently, Marijuana Business Daily published an article about California testing labs are expecting a ‘bottleneck’ in July.  Come July 1, 2018,  only lab-tested products may be sold by licensed retailers.  Most labs are predicting a shortage of testing services which translates to long waits for results that will lead to inevitable delays on approvals for selling products.  You can read the full article here:  California testing labs expect marijuana ‘bottleneck’ in July

Sage Analytics is here to help you stay ahead of the curve. 

Third party validation is required for official Certificates of Authenticity (CoA’s) for your product and it should be. CoA’s help protect both you (the cannabis producer) and the consumer. 

However, many players in the cannabis supply chain have come to rely upon potency data for key decisions in buying, selling, trading, and producing. These tests aren’t required by the government, but in many ways they are just as important in guiding product quality. If the number of required government third party validation tests skyrockets with the new regulations, it only makes sense that there will be some delay in test turnaround as our top notch CA labs adjust and grow to match the increased demand. We at Sage Analytics, along with our manufacturing colleagues at the CCIA, predicted this might happen and even wrote an article warning  of this eventuality for Terpenes and Testing. Sage Analytics: Lighting the Way Through the Storm.

In the meantime, all of your extra testing that is critical for day to day operations decisions will be delayed as many licensed laboratory facilities struggle to keep up with producing 3rd party validated results. We provide you the power to test in house and make those decisions your production, leaving only the legal requirement for CoA in the hands of the accredited test labs. We are not a replacement for the critical 3rd party validation testing that serves as a safeguard, but we let you do all the testing you want and need in instances where CoA is not required. Using only light to measure, you can get a potency reading on cured plant or pure extract every 9 seconds without destroying your product. We supply you with the ability to get data every day to describe your product and how to make it better, and we are even happy to supply some information on standard operating procedures for process optimization. 

Don’t get caught by the delay. Don’t be surprised by lab results. Make confident decisions based on hard numbers at the negotiating table. Stop waiting and guessing and start optimizing!

Written by Alex Makowski. 

Dr. Alexander J. Makowski currently serves as the Chief Scientist at Sage Analytics