Mission Nurseries Case Study

Take the Guess Work out of Growing. How a California Cultivator Revolutionized Growing Technique with In-House Testing

Goal of Mission Nurseries: To produce odoriferous, high-THC inflorescences.

Approach: Cannabinoid testing for genetic selection and information on CBD and THC Levels throughout the growing cycle.

Outcomes: Unexpected cannabinoid profiles from familiar strainsEvolution of new growing practices, cost savings, higher-quality flower and lower labor costs.

“We’ve done THC testing of different-sized plants, and what we’ve found is additional growth time — to get a bigger plant to improve yield — actually costs you THC and ‘nose.’ As the structure gets above a certain size, it grows more wood than flower. You’re losing some of the energy of the plant going into the structure,” says Davis. “So we’ve changed our growing methodology by using testing.”

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