Sage Analytics’ Chief Scientist featured in CannabisBusiness Times.

Michigan Releases Medical Marijuana Regulations, Opens Licensing Applications

“Michigan’s testing requirements are the government’s first line of defense for the consumer. Growers should test their product in their own facilities when possible to ensure they know what to expect from lab results.” – Alexander Makowski, Ph.D, chief scientist at Sage Analytics

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Beacon Profiler: Lighting the Way through the Storm

Sage Analytics Beacon Profiler Featured in Terpenes and Testing Magazine

“There is a thorough misconception in the cannabis industry that because of the local level of regulation, that testing either cannot or should not be standardized. Unfortunately, this mentality has led to an atmosphere of doubt, uncertainty, and even chaos as a myriad of regulations and certifications that leave patients, recreational users, concerned moms, and even some producers baffled. Perpetuating this misconception is the arguably dangerous and erroneous belief that the legalization status of cannabis should have any bearing on the way cannabis is produced or tested.

Sage Analytics was founded on the idea of bringing these tried and true principles of quality control and analytical testing into the cannabis industry. Leveraging 17 years of experience in design, customization, and automation of analytical testing for highly regulated FDA manufacturing environments.

Product consistency is the key to consumer confidence and safety. As scientists, we want to focus on the facts, but there is no reason why the testing for safety shouldn’t be seen as a boon to business. Proper dosing of infused products is key for client security and safety, but we should also see it as an avenue for celebrating our dedication to optimal production quality.

Product consistency is the key to consumer confidence and safety. As scientists, we want to focus on the facts, but there is no reason why the testing for safety shouldn’t be seen as a boon to business. In fact, this idea is rooted in the history of American manufacturing. Most of the first trademarked brands in America were in fact about touting
consistency. ”  – Terpenes and Testing Article.

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Terpenes & Testing article - Beacon

Terpenes & Testing article - Beacon

Terpenes & Testing article - Beacon

Sage Analytics Humboldt Profiler II Featured in The Portland Phoenix

Sage Analytics Humboldt Profiler II Featured in The Portland Pheonix


Sage Analytics Portland Phoenix Article

The Profiler II uses near-infrared spectroscopy to analyze a marijuana sample. There’s some hard science behind this, which involves measuring the overtones and combinations of bond vibrations in molecules. The cannabis sample is bathed in near-infrared light and by measuring and comparing the wavelengths of what’s reflected and what’s absorbed by the sample, an observer can calculate exactly what’s in it. Light particles, known as photos, contain a lot of information. Thankfully, you don’t need to know anything about the electromagnetic spectrum, because the machine does all the heavy lifting, spitting out data after about 10 seconds. Near-infrared technology is a fast, reliable, and non-destructive technique used already in the agricultural and pharmaceutical industries.

The technology is typically only available for people in scientific careers priced at hundreds of thousands of dollars, however, it has been used through these smaller devices by growers, extract producers, edible manufacturers, and dispensaries for a couple years now.

“We took the same technology that was being used in pharma to test drugs and designed it to test the potency of cannabis,” said Wilson. “It’s an FDA approved technology and it’s very inexpensive.”

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Press Release: Sage Analytics Debuts Next Generation Cannabis Potency Testing Device at MJBizCon 2017

Press Release: Sage Analytics Debuts Next Generation Cannabis Potency Testing Device at MJBizCon 2017

Profiler II – Humboldt Special Edition™ Meets Demands among Varied Cannabis Business Professionals for Real-Time and Cost-Effective Cannabis Potency Testing


Los Altos, CA November 14, 2017Sage Analytics, the developers of portable, laboratory-quality cannabis potency measurement systems that deliver cost-effective and faster testing solutions, debuts the next generation Profiler II – Humboldt Special Edition™ (HSE) at the Marijuana Business Conference (MJBizCon) 2017.

The Profiler II HSE is the latest edition of Sage Analytics’ line of spectroscopy-based potency devices that enables accurate measurement of THC & CBD within seconds. Designed for the everyday potency-testing needs of cannabis growers, extract processors and dispensaries alike, this lightweight and easy-to-use new device is used to test potency in process and drastically improve both the quality and consistency of cannabis products. Its sleek new design contains the most up-to-date scientific models at an affordable price.

“We are experiencing unprecedented growth in cannabis testing needs, which is only expected to increase with further legalization in the coming year. With that growth comes much uncertainty, and cannabis businesses must find ways to adapt,” says Alexander J. Makowski, Ph.D., chief scientist, Sage Analytics. “Growers and extract processors are showing new interest in technologies to help stay ahead of the curve. With our product line, especially our latest Profiler II HSE, we can meet the demands of these businesses by providing cost-effective and faster testing solutions to help their businesses flourish in a fast-growing and uncertain market.”

Sage Analytics’ cutting edge potency profilers, including the classic Beacon, and now the newest Profiler II HSE, employ optical spectroscopy (the science of light and how it interacts with matter) to provide instantaneous, real-time, accurate measurements. The use of light as an analytical tool affords a number of distinct advantages over alternative methods. Because the light used is non-destructive, the measurements require no toxic chemicals for sample prep or analysis, leaving the sample intact for future use. Ultimately, this means fast, repeatable, and accurate data collection every time.

The name Profiler II – Humboldt Special Edition™ (HSE) pays homage to Humboldt County for how it’s paved the way for the production of cannabis for over three decades. Humboldt understands cannabis in a way that growers, extract and edible processors everywhere can learn from, so Sage Analytics’ newest device had a fitting name.

Sage Analytics will take the opportunity at MJBizCon to also showcase its products with its all-new extract model and software update, now available for customers via download. The update developed by the Sage Analytics team of scientists allows the profilers to now test virtually every extract out on the market today including kief, hash, distillates, resins and isolates, in addition to producing faster results, and is equipped with an improved and simpler user interface.

Sage Analytics will be at MJBizCon 2017 on November 14-17 at booth #2517. Those visiting the booth can catch a sneak peek of the Profiler II HSE via live demo given by Alexander J. Makowski, Ph.D, in addition to hearing about their newest extract model and software update.

For more information on Sage Analytics’ cannabis testing devices, visit:, or call: 619-847-4477

About Sage Analytics:  

Sage Analytics has created a shift in the cannabis industry by adopting FDA-approved technology currently in use in the pharmaceutical industry to test potency in marijuana with a high degree of accuracy and affordability. Depending on the application, the devices from Sage Analytics can replace or augment current testing methodologies, which are expensive and often insufficient due to the inherent drawbacks of testing small sample lots that ultimately are destroyed and never sold. Consumers, regulators, and business owners are demanding quicker and more accurate testing solutions, and Sage Analytics provides a significant component to improving this industry-wide challenge.

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