Bring Knowledge to the Buying Table

How dispensaries can benefit from using the Sage Analytics Profiler II.


It’s an exciting time for the cannabis industry as it marches towards the end of prohibition. As the industry matures, businesses must find ways to improve – or else risk being left behind.  One of the biggest issues in cannabis today is that many products are inaccurately labeled for potency.

Because cannabis is not federally legal, testing facilities and devices are not federally mandated to adhere to the same reference standards for data. Simply put, this means that there is little or no quality assurance when it comes to potency testing.

Sage Analytics’ Profiler II helps with these concerns and adds value to dispensaries through instant and accurate THC/CBD testing for cured flowers and concentrates. The result of having an accurate potency measurement device on site is the ability to negotiate price and to improve quality control and pass on better products to customers and patients – a luxury that has not even been possible to date due to the high cost and skill requirement.

With the Sage Analytics easy-to-use technology, dispensaries can now measure potency right at the buying table. Near-infrared light is shone through a small measurement window where the product is placed, and the potency results are displayed within seconds. Dispensaries know the true potency of what they are buying on the spot. This translates into buying and offering better products at a fair price, which, in turn, increases consumer confidence, health and safety, and ultimately loyalty.

On-site cannabis testing allows dispensaries to make informed purchasing decisions based on the strength and composition of cannabis products instead of just by weight and relying on what the grower thinks the potency might be. Accurate testing is crucial for medical cannabis patients who need specific therapeutic effects. It’s also important for adult-use consumers because products vary widely in their potency, which will influence the experience.

Dispensaries can learn more by contacting Lauren Wilson  at or calling 650.492.8500.