Sage Analytics featured on the Reason Blog

Sage Analytics’ Chief Scientist, Dr. Alex Masowski, talks with Reason about navigating the moving target of cannabis regulations. “Dr. Alex Masowski, the Chief Scientist at Sage Analytics, an industry leading supplier of in-house testing equipment for cannabis, says that “companies are looking at a moving target” when considering regulations. “All of these companies would hope … Continue reading “Sage Analytics featured on the Reason Blog”

5 Things Cultivators Should Know About Cannabis Potency Testing

Sage Analytics’ Alexander Makowski offers insight to help growers understand the science and how they can use it to their advantage.

Looking into the Crystal Ball of Cannabis Testing Regulation

Alexander J Makowski, PhD; Chief Scientist at Sage Analytics writes for Terpenes and Testing Magazine about the challenges and opportunities ahead as states race towards recreational legalization while cannabis is still federally illegal. Amidst the chaos and uncertainty of evolving and expanding cannabis regulations, one thing alone is clear: all responsible parties desire legislation that … Continue reading “Looking into the Crystal Ball of Cannabis Testing Regulation”

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